Female. 27. Dane. Huge fan of Julie Andrews. Lover of a lot of different stuff/different people. If I love something it'll probably end up as my desktop wallpaper and most likely here as well.

All my wallpapers are made to fit my screen. Currently it's 1366x768 pixels. However, Tumblr resizes my images. Want the original? Send me a message and we'll figure it out.

No copyright infringement is intended. This is just for fun.
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Here you’re sort of regarded as a freak if you watch Days of our Lives, which is why I don’t flaunt my guilty pleasure to my every day world. I’m an absolute sucker for the intrigues, the drama and even those unrealistic storylines and not many people in my world understands that. My favorite character is Kate Roberts, portrayed by the talented Lauren Koslow. Out of her many men (let’s be honest, she’s been with quite a few) my favorite partner for Kate is Roman Brady. They were so good together - it’s just a shame the writers ruined them.

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