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Kate: Is this real?

Roman: You see me don’t you.

Kate: Every time I close my eyes I see you. I dream about you when I’m awake, but I haven’t been able to touch you. Or to hold you. Oh, Roman, I don’t wanna ever let you go.

This song, this is the song we meant to dance to at our wedding. Our last dance together.

Roman: There are a lot of things that we never had a chance for in life. We didn’t get much of a Valentines Day, did we. But it wasn’t for the lack of trying.

Kate: It was my fault. I was spending so much time pushing you away.

Roman: So did I, so did I. But we finally did get it right, Katie. We did get it right … I died a very happy man.

Kate: Roman.

Roman: And don’t you ever, don’t you ever let joy of that day be lost to you forever.

Kate: How can I not? I’ve lost you forever.

Roman: I’m here. I am right here. And you’re right here and nobody can take that moment from us, not ever … I’ve gotta go.

Kate: No.

Roman: Sssh. I’ll be back.

Kate: Please don’t leave me here.

Roman: I love you, Katie. I love you very much.

Kate: Oh, Roman, why did you have to leave me here?

This scene is just as heartbreaking today as it was 10 years ago.

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